Professional Mold Remediation

List of Mold Remediation Services

Envirogyn mold remediation builds on the same powerful foundation as its restoration services, while offering distinct experiences designed just for the capabilities of indoor air quality. And now our mold remediation pushes the platform even further, with powerful and intuitive equipment updates for humidity, HEPA filters, anti-fungals, and so much more.

Inspection and Preliminary Determination

Inspection and Preliminary Determination | Free Estimate

An inspection is primarily the gathering of information regarding the mold and moisture status of the building, system, contents, or area in question. After the initial inspection is completed, remediators develop a “preliminary determination,” which is a conclusion that identifies actual or potential mold growth, known or suspected areas of moisture intrusion, and the need for assistance from other specialized experts such as a MAC to conduct assessments or to perform necessary services beyond the expertise of the remediator

Structural Remediation

Structural Remediation | Price upon complimentary consultation

Structural remediation is defined as that portion of a remediation project that deals specifically with a building’s structure and typically does not address a building’s contents or HVAC components. Mold remediation procedures in a contaminated building are based on generally accepted industrial hygiene practices, and safety and health principles. These procedures describe safeguards and controls that assist in achieving remediation project goals.

Content Remediation

Content Remediation | Price upon complimentary consultation

The goal of contents remediation is to clean items by physically removing fungal contamination and odors. When additional damage or contamination to contents is discovered, it should be documented, and materially interested parties informed within a reasonable period of time. It is recommended that appropriate appearance enhancement processes be applied to the items after their return to Condition 1 has been completed. Contents can be cleaned either onsite or in-plant. Whether contents are cleaned onsite or in-plant, appropriate precautions should be taken to prevent spreading contaminants from work or storage areas into unaffected areas.

HVAC Remediation

HVAC Remediation | Price upon complimentary consultation

The design, installation, operation, and maintenance of HVAC systems are important factors in controlling microorganism germination, growth, amplification, and dissemination. In addition, mold growth from other causes can be carried to the interior of HVAC system components where it can accumulate and degrade system operation. When system operation is affected, this can result in poor environmental control that allows widespread condensation to form. This can lead to the spread of contamination by the system and increase the scope of the mold problem by dispersing contaminants throughout a building.

Mold Remediation Work Plan

Mold Remediation Work Plan | $249

A document, prepared by Envirogyn that provides specific instructions and/or standard operating procedures for how a mold remediation project will be performed.