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Envirogyn mold testing lets you know the extent of mold growth in your home by amazing light microscopy - and it now it completes the picture of your homes health with immersive diagnoses from air sampling and EMLab P&K.1. It provides diagnostics from some of the industries best. Has great medical advice from board certified clinical pathologists (ASCP), mycologists, and mold assessment consultants.2. And thanks to Envirogyn, you can understand it with our mold assessment report.

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Indoor Air Quality Testing (IAQ)

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The Envirogyn indoor air quality testing lets you understand contaminants from over 20 sources without worrying about one pollutant to the next. You'll find advice and consultations, air filtration recommendations, and reports and observations. The Envirogyn indoor air quality sampling is readily available for residential, commercial, and industrial and works seamlessly for them all.3. So if you require testing in more than one place, you can call us when you're ready to pursue improved property health.


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Spore Trap Analysis, Direct Microscopic Exam, and Indoor Allergen Testing are just a few of sampling techniques that will make your Envirogyn laboratory services and environmental experience even better.

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Personal Health Recommendations

We’ll advise you how to interpret your health concerns and effects by your mold assessment, through physicians or at location.

1. Not all services are available for mold testing or indoor air quality testing. Spore Trap Analysis may require additional expenses for Air-Cell cassettes. Accessing your laboratory reports requires a PDF reader device. Laboratory quality will depend on quality control metrics of the laboratory testing.
2. Additional services may be required to access some laboratory content. Laboratory Turn Around Times are subject to calendar days. Laboratory availability is subject to change. Some services are not available in all areas. Sampling equipment availability is subject to change.
3. Other services may be required to access some content.
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