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Spore Trap Analysis and Direct Microscopic Exam testing are just a few of sampling techniques that will make your Envirogyn laboratory services and environmental experience even better.

Spore Trap Analysis

Air sampling is a unique sampling cassette specifically designed for the rapid collection and quantitative analysis of a wide range of airborne aerosols. It collects both viable and non-viable particulate such as mold spores, pollen, insect parts, skin cell fragments, fibers (asbestos, fiberglass, cellulose, etc.) and inorganic particles.

$74/ea. Standard Turn Around Time.

$111/ea.Next Day Turn Around Time

$148/ea. Same Day Turn Around Time

$222/ea. Holiday/Weekend Turn Around Time.

Direct Microscopic Exam (Qualitative)

The most common procedure for microscopic examination is a direct mount of the fungal isolate. This is achieved by preparing a bulk sample, swab sample, or cellophane tape mount. Many molds that are routinely recovered can be identified by either of these three methods. Because of the risk of airborne conidia, these slide preparations must be performed in a biological safety cabinet when grown in the laboratory.

$54/ea. Standard Turn Around Time.

$81/ea. Next Day Turn Around Time.

$108/ea. Same Day Turn Around Time.

$162/ea.Holiday/Weekend Turn Around Time.