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Water Damage Restoration

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Envirogyn's structural restoration is the perfect guidance and assistance in applying principles of water damage restoration. But for most people, they are still traumatized about the catastrophe in their home. That's why Envirogyn created the five principles of providing for the health and safety of the property owner and occupants, document and inspect the project thoroughly, mitigate further damage, clean and dry affected areas, and complete the restoration and repairs.

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Mitigation procedures should begin as soon as safely possible following the initial moisture intrusion. If building materials and structural assemblies are exposed to water and water vapor for extended periods, moisture penetrates into them more deeply. Materials that absorb water slowly tend to release it slowly. In most environments the extended presence of water or excessive humidity can lead to microbial amplification that can cause general deterioration of environmental conditions.

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Maintaining communication and improved documentation procedures creates Envirogy's key focus on home and property owners during a drying project. Let exclusive Envirogyn experts design and maintain what drying goals are and what constitutes a project completion without fears or worries.

Remediation procedures for category 2 or 3. There’s more to it, so you can get more water out of it.

It’s part of the Envirogyn steps for water restoration around Texas, and now Envirogyn has procedures for remediation of areas that are believed to contain one or more types of contaminants. Get our new anti-microbial, fungal, and biocide application every restoration with the consultation of a board certified mycologist; to prevent further damage to structures or contents that can adversely affect the operation or function of the building.

Envirogyn Inspection. A enlightened way to environment.

With over 15 fields of environmental experts featuring licenses and board certifications, you can rest easy knowing Envirogyn personal have the training, knowledge, experience and a set of core skills relevant to water damage restoration. In addition, Envirogyn inspections can make a preliminary determination and communicate to the home property owner initial restoration procedures.

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Principles of Water Damage Restoration

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Fundamentally redesigned and reengineered. The most Environmental water restoration yet. Advanced dry out procedure capabilities. And new features to help you restore your home, health, and peace of mind.

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Structural Restoration

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Some restoration services are sold separately.
Free water damage restoration inspections requires an agreement for restoration services and contract. Envirogyn's structural restoration antimicrobial solution also requires an agreement of use from the home or property owner. Post restoration clearances also requires a contractual agreement with a date no later than date of service.
Mold remediation and mold restoration requires a separate service plan and is not available in all service locations. Not all insurance policies support mold remediation ability or mold hazards; check with your homeowner's insurance provider. Some supplemental insurance plans may not be available. Electrical and plumbing services are not available. Contact Us for participating discounts, insurance contracts, and eligibility.
Restoration services are subject to change. Some features, applications, and services may not be available in all regions or all languages.