Inspections, Preliminary Determination, and Pre-Restoration Evaluations

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24/7 Professional Water Damage Looks

Three Pre-restoration looks: Inspections, Determinations, and Evaluations. One goal: Compelling initial judgments. It’s such an easy way between take immediate action to begin quickly removing water and starting the drying process, versus the need to accurately identify and control hazards and contaminants. That’s the idea behind our emergency response inspection.

Protect your home by having Envirogyn conduct active and preliminary activities:

Envirogyn can initialize everything from the beginning of your water restoration project. Our preliminary assessments are utilized for gathering fundamental information, initial responses, and pre-restoration inspections. It allows us to arrive at the best preliminary determinations, pre-restoration evaluations, and work planning. Being proactive throughout the water damage process is an important part of safely restoring property damage from water intrusion.

Qualifications count.

Our restorers are expected to be qualified by education, training, and experience to appropriately execute the skills and expertise required to safely perform restoration of structure and contents.

Put your documents in your home safe.

Throughout the project, Envirogyn will establish, implement, and consistently follow methods and procedures for documenting all relevant information. This information can affect and provide support for project administration, planning, execution, and cost.

Whats included in our Initial Response, Inspection and Preliminary Determination

During the initial response, our information gathering process continues with a comprehensive site walkthrough with our clients. At a minimum Envirogyn will conduct site activities and occupant interviews.

Each day Envirogyn performs new Initial Contacts and Information Gatherings tailored to our clients.

Our information gathering process begins with the initial contact between the restorer and you the property owner or authorized agent.

Fulfill unique emergency challenges by contacting Envirogyn 24/7 and prevent further harm from experienced restores.

The processes in a project does not always follow a linear progression and may occur in varying orders; even simultaneously. The order of the processes is by no means a mandatory order, although there are steps that should occur early in Envirogyn's initial response. Each project can present a unique set of circumstances that should be considered when establishing the order of procedures for your best interests.

Part category, part catastrophe.

Range of contamination in your home. Time and temperature can affect or retard the amplification of contaminants. Presence of undesired substances. Envirogyn considers potential contamination to prevent adverse health effects.

Intrusions that intrude more.

Hydrometer and Psychrometer detection. New flood and disaster mitigation. Advanced restoration for home owners like moisture percent detection and content review. See up to four classes of water as Envirogyn determines the property response.

How to protect yourself from Hazards and Mold

If regulated or hazardous material is discovered as part of a water damage restoration project, then Envirogyn, as a specialized expert, is necessary to assist in damage assessment.

Necessary Factors only Envirogyn knows to Estimate Drying Capacity

Other factors can impact the drying environment other restores don't understand or don't consider these factors when estimating the drying capacity needed to prevent additional damages and begin the drying process.

Get the proper response to emergency mobilization with professional information every day.

Envirogyn doesn't just show you the condition of your water damage, we show you personalized suggestions and encouragement to protect your property. Once we arrive at the worksite and performs an initial inspection, our expertise are inclusive. The information we gather helps to establish a moisture inspection strategy and evaluate the existence of moisture problems that have caused or can lead to structural, system, or content damage or contamination. Contaminants (e.g., fungal or bacterial) can be visible or hidden.

Safety and Health Hazards

Safety and health hazards are always documented with Envirogyn. As hazards are identified, appropriate actions shall be implemented to resolve the hazard, or minimize the potential for injury or other safety risks.

Identify Priorities and Concerns

During our initial inspection, Envirogyn will consider the priorities and concerns of the materially interested parties. The type of structure, contents affected, building use, occupancy, and the impact associated with the loss-of-use can significantly influence priorities and concerns.

Extent of Water Migration

Envirogyn will evaluate and document the extent of water migration in structure, systems, and contents, using the appropriate moisture detection equipment. Since water can flow under walls, and come from above, Envirogyn will inspect adjoining rooms even when no water is visible on the surface of floor coverings.

Pre-existing Damage

Throughout the inspection process, Envirogyn will inspect for pre-existing damage issues. Pre-existing damage is the wetting or impairment of the appearance or function of the material from direct or indirect exposure to water or other conditions not related to the current water intrusion.

Solidify your Pre-Restoration Evaluation by contacting Envirogyn and allowing us to come to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week of every day.

Following our preliminary determination, Envirogyn will conduct a pre-restoration evaluation. Prerestoration evaluations establish recommended corrective actions based on information and evidence collected during our inspection process and conclusions derived from the preliminary determination. The information gathered from the pre-restoration evaluation is then used to develop the work plan, drying plan, safety and health plan, and to identify the need for our other specialized experts that may be required to clean and dry the structure, building systems, and contents to an acceptable drying goal.

Evaluating Emergency Response Actions

During the inspection process, Envirogyn will make a reasonable effort to identify potentially hazardous materials that could impact building occupants or might be disturbed. Whenever homeowners or other others are present during the initial inspection, Envirogyn will communicate known potential hazards.

Evaluating Building Materials and Assemblies

The construction, permeability, placement of vapor retarders, number of layers, degree of saturation, presence of contamination, degree of physical damage, and the presence of interstitial spaces will be considered when evaluating materials and assemblies.

Evaluating Contents

Envirogyn will determining the material composition of affected contents to help establish a moisture inspection strategy and implement an appropriate restoration strategy. The construction, permeability, degree of saturation and the presence of contamination will be considered when evaluating contents.

Evaluating HVAC Systems

Evirogyn will also determine the material composition of affected HVAC systems. The construction, presence of moisture and contamination should be considered when evaluating HVAC systems. Affected HVAC systems will be evaluated by a qualified HVAC individual.

See how Envirogyn's inspections are helping their clients.

Dry on.

We’ve optimized our Principles of Water Restoration services for all users. A Visual Mold Inspection becomes a Preliminary Restoration Determination. And during an emergency, Envirogyn will link and identify the different principles toward the right drying procedures. There are also, two identifications of water that are specific in the restoration procedure.

Restoration services are subject to change. Some features, applications, and services may not be available in all regions or all languages.