Classes of Water Intrusion

Intrusions that intrude more.

Classes of water intrusion are more than just numbers. It's like an estimated evaporation load - from dehumidification to ventilation to dew point - and is used to calculate initial humidity control. With Envirogyn's innovation, from wet to dry, classes can help to determine the current health of the property.

Classes of Water Intrusion

Classes of Water Intrusion

Control for whatever moisture instrudes.

Whether it’s water extraction from a property or small plumbing leaks, moisture problems should be identified, located, and corrected or controlled as soon as possible. Now including classes that are divided into four separate descriptions. Envirogyn can set individual goals, measure your moisture content, and gather water classes during the inspection process. Ready? Go.

Big steps forward for determining the class of water intrusion.

With a quick investigation, Envirogyn will estimate the amount of humidity control needed to begin the drying process. The term “Class of water” i s our classification of the estimated evaporation load and is used when we calculate the initial humidity control (e.g., dehumidification, ventilation).

Four separate descriptions.

The Classes: Class 1, 2, 3, and 4. With just a simple investigation, Envirogyn's determination of class may be dependent upon the restorability of wet materials and access to wet substrates. 1. So we can make important determinations depending on the project. This determination may occur at a different point of the initial restoration procedures.

Approximate wet surface area.

For most frequent classes, Envirogyn specialists determines the approximate amount of wet surface area and decides the permeance and porosity of the affected material left within the drying environment at the time drying is initiated. Envirogyn even gives you credit for class determination investigations for restoration services that are started with us. We will also provide you with a summary of the water intrusion class at the end of your restoration, in case the initial information that determined water class was not gathered during the inspection process.

Least Amount of water absorption and evaporation load.

Class 1 water intrusion is where wet, porous materials represent less than ~5% of the combined floor, wall, and ceiling surface area in the space, and 2. materials described as low evaporation materials have absorbed minimal moisture.

Get Ready to Restore

With Class 2 water intrusion, where wet, porous materials represent ~5% to ~40% of the combined floor, wall,and ceiling surface area, it is time to consider Envirogyn, for professional water remediation. We can create your own custom remediation protocol by adding or subtracting services like air-quality testing, Surface Sampling, or whatever else alleviates your health concerns.

Flooding and disaster emergency fears.

Whether it’s an broken pipe or flooding disaster, Class 3 water intrusion can keep you scared and confused; this is greatest amount of water absorption and evaporation load with ~40% of your home susceptible in the combined floor, wall, and ceiling surface area. You can easily with all the fears you have, right from and Envirogyn emergency response. 3.

Deeply held or bound water.

Choosing from a host of restoration companies is scary - especially with Class 4 flood water intrusion with in your home. Envirogyn disaster drying is different, and may require special methods, longer drying times, or substantial water vapor pressure differentials that only we can provide.

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1. Determinations of projects are objective and vary.
2. Water intrusion classes based on evaporation and penetration materials are standard under IICRC S500. This means that materials may be subjective for different areas like granite counter tops or formica countertops. However, wet materials should not be taken as definitive without removal activities.
3. Class 3 water generally requires a natural disaster or major plumbing or sewage rupture.