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Structural mold remediation in two steps — including the cleanest mold remediation ever on a home or structure. Even faster antimicrobial application. The smartest, most powerful mycologist to consult. And a breakthrough anti-microbial spray system with applications to the EPA. Envirogyn structural remediation is everything you would expect about mold remediation. Taken to the extreme of environmental health.

The new generation of Professional Mold Remediation

Engineering Controls. In safe and safer.

The custom Envirogyn Engineering Controls of Structural Remediation deliver the most healthy abatement in the industry, mitigation and true removal. And Envirogyn remediations have our safest containment yet ever on mold clearances.

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All-clear makes all the difference.

Structural remediation is defined as that portion of a remediation project that deals specifically with a building’s structure and typically does not address a building’s contents or HVAC components.1

Exceptional procedures.

Envirogyn's Mold remediation procedures in a contaminated building are based on generally accepted industrial hygiene practices, and safety and health principles. These procedures describe safeguards and controls that assist in achieving remediation project goals.

Safety-grade material precautions.

Regulated materials, such as lead or asbestos, require specific mitigation or remediation protocols.

Structural safety.

The presence of these and other regulated materials take precedence over mold remediation, and they shall be addressed according to federal, state, provincial, and local laws and regulations.

Advanced Work Processes.

The remediation of different building materials (remediation methods) depends upon the ability of materials to absorb or adsorb moisture (i.e., whether or not they are porous, semi-porous or nonporous), the ability of the material to support fungal growth, a materials’ ability to trap and hold mold spores, and the structural integrity of the material. In addition, remediation methods can depend on exposed substrates or material layers with different porosities (composite materials).

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No other remediation is like Envirogyn remediation.

Thus, contaminated materials should be carefully evaluated before attempting mold remediation.

If structural components have been compromised and require removal, a qualified structural engineer should be involved in decisions to remove such components.

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1. The remediation plan has set environmental protocols that follow a beautiful safety design, and these protocols are within Envirogyn standards of practice.
2. When Envirogyn is performing mold remediation, the dimensions of containment may differ, and may encompass entire rooms and diagonal spaces. Actual containment area is less than establish clean rooms.
3. Structural remediation follow Technical Specifications, Preliminary Steps, and Report Reviews under standard IICRC S520 condition standards. Technical Specifications, Preliminary Steps, and Report Protocols are not permanent conditions during remediation and might become expanded areas as the result of on site discovery. Do not attempt to remediate structures yourself; refer to Envirogyn professionals for guides on cleaning and drying instructions. Additional water penetration is not covered under warranty.
4. Mold Assessment services are sold separately.
5. Compare with Envirogyn Mold Antimicrobial.
- Some services may not be available for all counties or all areas.
** $525 is based on Complete Mold inspection. Credit values may vary based on the condition and penetration of your property. Must be at least 18. Offer may not be available in all locations and not all services are eligible for credit. Envirogyn reserves the right to refuse or limit the quantity of any service for any reason. Value of your current credit may be applied toward purchase of a remediation or restoration service. Additional terms at Envirogyn GiveBack.