Inspections and Preliminary Determinations

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Mold Assessment Reports

More power to you.

Preliminary determination assessments are designed to make your mold inspection and reports more prepared, more comprehensive, and more thorough. Here are the latest features and improvements in Texas' most advanced environmental consulting firm.


Know about the conditions before acting.

Whether you're purchasing a property or going through remediation, Envirogyn's preliminary assessments have been enhanced for more comprehensive and detailed experience all around. Things you worry about all the time, like what are the nexts steps in environmental health, happen easier than ever. And there are even more significant improvements when you're doing a lot of contractor work at once. These enhancements improve reporting on all supporting services, going all the way back to our visual mold check and complete mold inspection.

Up to


faster laboratory turnaround times.

Up to


off with inspection bundling.

Up to


faster reporting days.


Assessments with up to 3 conditions.

Envirogyn represents a philosophical shift away from using “size” of visible mold growth to determine the remediation response. Instead, it establishes mold contamination definitions (Conditions 1, 2, and 3) and guidance, which, when properly applied, can assist remediators and others in determining remediation response or confirm remediation success.

For the purpose of our standards, Conditions 1, 2, and 3 are defined for indoor environments relative to mold.

Condition 1

Normal Fungal Ecology

Indoor environment that may have settled spores, fungal fragments or traces of actual growth whose identity, location, and quantity are reflective of a normal fungal ecology for a similar indoor environment.

Condition 2

Settled Spores or Fungal Fragments

Indoor environment which is primarily contaminated with settled spores or fungal fragments that were dispersed directly or indirectly from a Condition 3 area, and which may have traces of actual growth.

Condition 3

Actual Growth

Indoor environment contaminated with the presence of actual mold growth, associated spores, and fungal fragments. Actual growth includes growth that is active or dormant, visible or hidden.

Get it Formalized Into More Than a Verbal Recommendation

If requested by the client, Envirogyn staff can complete a formal mold assessment report which includes a scope of work, discussions of findings, summary of data collected, photo log, summary of sample analysis (if applicable), data review and recommendations by our licensed mold assessment consultants. This will include the observations made, measurements taken, and locations and analysis results of samples taken by the consultant or by a licensed mold assessment technician during the mold assessment inspection.

This formal report will also include sample location summary, laboratory sample results, site photo log, site sketch map including locations of all suspect mold growth, elevated moisture readings, and water staining.

And so much more.


Our Psychrometry sciences have an all-new design that makes it easier for Envirogyn to discover, analysis, and determine your property conditions.

Moisture Sensors

Envirogyn updated moisture sensors us keep track of the amount of moisture penetration, water damage, and best conditions for mold growth. And for the first time ever, it's available with any remediation services as well.

Moisture Meters

Unique, complex moisture detection for all of your property needs and are automatically included in your assessment report and saved for further review - so you can use it more without having to understand water levels or building sciences.

Infrared (IR) Thermometers and Thermal Imaging Devices

Thermography images will appear automatically on your report with mycologist suggestions, so you never have worry about thermal issues again.

Moisture “Mapping”

The most popular recording map comes with mold assessment reports, so you can determine the affected area from anywhere in your home.

Photography or Videography of Pre-Existing Conditions

Redesigned images in mold assessment reports makes it simple to jump straight to your contaminated location and areas of potential worrisome areas.


With salts and minerals coming out of your building structure, you can determine a moisture source all over the property in places like your water heater, bathroom plumbing, the kitchen sink; or prepare for repairs, plumbers, and future damage.

Interpretation of Laboratory Data

The laboratory analysis now shows the quantity and quality of mold contamination for the last 24 hours. Included laboratory sampling in your report to see your homes' diagnoses.

An Inspection and Preliminary Determination Assessment Report is compatible with these services.

Partnering with Envirogyn

Old mold teams contain enormous possibilities for inspectors, contractors, or real estate professionals. With Mold Assessment Technicians and more, inspections are more powerful, let you get more done, and are more integrated into your everyday property experiences.

See how to upgrade to a mold remediation

1. Testing conducted by Envirogyn Mold Assessment Technician or Mold Assessment consultant, preliminary determination summaries are available for lower cost. Mold testing using air sampling; laboratory tests by analysis of zefron air cassettes. Reports vary based on specific configuration, content, contamination, mold growth, and other factors.
2. Supported on all mold services.
3. Supported on limited mold inspections, complete mold inspections, and mold management plans. Creating mold protocols requires an inspection and preliminary determination assessment report.
4. Envirogyn partnerships requires a minimum of 48 hours education in mold services.
Features are subject to change. Some features, reports, and services may not be available in all areas and in all languages.