Certificate of Mold Damage Restoration (CMDR)


Obtain that Certificate

When you obtain the certificate of mold damage remediation, you’ll get a host of new evidentiary information provided by the fields most powerful experts and used to protect everyone. Stay better focused on your family with insurance clearance. Automatically distribute the form to the appropriate stakeholders. Take more comfort in providing the information to your insurance company with less effort. Try supplying the form to your homeowners insurance, and discover the possibility of even more discounts. Now you can get more out of your remediation or inspection with every form. Best of all, requesting the CMDR is free and easy.

Chances are, your Certificate can be issued upon a simple visual inspection.

Visual inspections that determine no presence of active mold growth can have Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation (CMDR) issued.

Make sure you’re ready to obtain.

Before you obtain your CMD, we recommend that you review any water damage in the home. Then, if your property is dry, remediated, or restored, you can request a mold inspection & testing directly to receive your CMDR from Envirogyn.

Obtaining is free. And easier than you think.

Visit the mold assessment consultant page on the Envirogyn website. Click the schedule button and follow the contact information to begin recieving your CMDR. If you don’t have email access, you can contact Envirogyn by any of our phone numbers.

General Requirements

The Certificate of Mold Remediation was prepared by the Texas Department of Insurance, and can be found on that agency’s website.

How Does Envirogyn Supply This Form to You?

Envirogyn utilizes this form under two different situations, only one of which is governed by the Texas Mold Assessment and Remediation Rules (TMARR). By law, it is required for a licensed mold remediation contractor or company to provide this completed form to the property owner (including residential, commercial and governmental owners), within 10 days of the remediation project stop date. The licensed contractor and the licensed mold assessment consultant, who conducted clearance for the project must sign off on the form.

Another way Envirogyn utilizes this form is prescribed in the Texas Insurance Code. Envirogyn can certify that we have inspected the property and determined that it “does not contain evidence of mold damage.” The bottom section of the form is for this purpose.

* Requires any inspection from mold assessment consultations.
Some services may not be available for all counties or regions.
Mold Remediation requires a CMDR, and a visual mold inspection, limited mold inspection, complete mold inspection, mold clearance, or final status report; a Water Damage Restoration with inspections, preliminary determinations, and Pre-Restoration Evaluations can also be required for obtaining a CMDR. Some features require a remediation or restoration purchase. Some features are not available in all counties or regions. Access to some services is limited to 10 days.